today's breakfast - polenta porridge

this is perhaps my most favorite recipe allie has shared with me. i never really ate polenta much, other than on occasion at a restaurant. simple to make and good whether hot or cold. the notes from the original site state it has complex carbohydrates to give you lots of energy.

polenta porridge
serves 4-5

1 cup polenta, coarse or fine
1tbsp dried black currants
3 cups water or apple juice (use organic apple juice!)
1 cup grated sour apple (2 granny smith apples do nicely)
pinch of salt
some lemon or orange zest if you like

soak the polenta and black currants in the apple juice for a few hours or overnight if you wish.
when done, put all ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil stirring frequently. cover and let sit on low heat for 15 minutes. serve with milk, maple syrup or honey and fruit as you like.

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