art and games 4

this is the current plan for the project (click on image for a larger version)

the areas marked with red words can be thought of as a satellite map showing a landscape and man's intrusion on it

the areas marked in black are at the scale of a city and form the bulk of the alice aycock essay (i shall try and find a link to this (in short its about 5 characters who make a city through their interaction and a girl named sadie who dreams of them)) overlay + the game board (the 4 x 9 square area) (also the 5 x 5 board would perhaps be playable)

the white circles are the means of divination to plan/define a city, perhaps goblets or test tubes somehow embedded in the piece (also from the aycock essay)

not sure of materials and such yet but this is the beginning


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Kristine Schomaker said...

WOW....I am very impressed. I want it!!! LOL What an amazing artwork. I can't wait to see it finished!!!