100th post - new boardgame

welcome to my 100th posting since i began this blog. i just finished this game yesterday. it dates back to the time of the roman empire and is icelandic in origin. it is listed in books as a backgammon variant and though it uses a backgammon board and pieces its more of a race/capture game. the objects is to race around counterclockwise landing on your opponents pieces to capture them. its name is 'Chasing the Girls'. 

I've been making some rather ornate/sculptural boards recently so i decided something very simple with clean lines was in order this time. and i very much like the raw knot of wood at one end.

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Glover said...

Congratulations for your 100 post. I accidentally ran into your blog right after I posted some mumblings on games and art, but after browsing through your art and games projects, I was left speechless. Really. That's about it. I'm gonna shut up now.