printmaking studies

so i have gotten hooked on printmaking.

(for those who know me well, you know i do not draw because of formative experiences i had in college with douglas cooper. drawing is never fun for me, nor a relaxing endeavor as it is for most of you, and i have shied away for many years doing any sort of illustrative work because of it.) 

though i still consider myself a rank amateur. 

these images were done with speedball speedymats (sort of a rubber stamp type medium) and lino tools. then printed in black and scanned into photoshop to do some color studies. i am happily learning about markmaking, and, as usual, just plodding along in the way that i do. i will go back to these and make further adjustments most likely.

the top image is a japanese tree peony from my garden which i think i will do the double print format of. below that is a print taken from a photo of my peach tree in bloom, which you can find further down in these posts, and will be printed using 3 plates.

click on the images for larger views.

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