what i did yesterday

i am asked by friends "how do you do so many things in one day, how do you have time for it all?" to me, what i do, is a natural part of my day. i get up, have breakfast, do some work, cook, go out into the garden and by the end of the day things are done.

yesterday, for instance, i:
  • planted some new things in the garden and cut a large bouquet of lilacs for the house which is now scented by them in every corner.
  • went to whole foods and saw they had meyer lemons so i bought some to make preserved lemons (wash and cut 1/4" off stem end of lemon, cut lemons nearly in half, turn 90 deg and cut nearly in half. pack 1 tbl sea salt into cut wedges and press lemons firmly into sterilized jars, fill rest of jar with fresh lemon juice and some more salt. close tightly. shake every day for the first 7 then place in refrigerator to finish preserving, should take a month).
  • while at whole foods i bought a white grapefruit, some clementines, tangelos and a blood orange. i decided to make candied citrus peel out of them.
  • because i no longer like to waste things (as if i ever really did) i chopped and combined the citrus insides with herbs from the garden (lemon thyme, lemon verbena, stevia, gingermint), grated ginger and sugar and simmered it all for 4 hours to make marmalade, for which i shall glue 'bossy marmalade' labels on the jars today.
oh and i also managed to watch a film, hang out with friends on Second Life, make some sorbet out of the sugar syrup left over from candying the citrus peel,  and finish my part of a friend's moleskine journal project. which you can see photos of in the entry below this one. just a normal day like any other.


BevanWhitfield said...

Sounds like you had an amazing day! Btw, those pictures are stunning! I can almost smell the lilacs from here :-)

Kristine Schomaker said...

OMG!! You amaze me!!! And you have time to play wordscraper on top of that!!! LOL
You should be so proud of everything you do... I feel almost fulfilled in my life just watching your posts...LOL
Have a great weekend!!!