tonight's dessert - peach clafoutis a la mirie

so i sez to mir last night, i sez "i think i will make a peach pie with the peaches from my tree."

and mir sez "i like to make peach clafoutis."

and i sez "oh how do you do that."

and mir sez "i cut the peaches up, saute them for a bit with some sugar sometimes in a pan then put in ramekins and pour pancake batter on top. and cook for about 40 minutes at 350degF until done."

so i sez "ok i will do that and mess around with it, then i will give you credit on my blog"

and mir sez "ok i will make it too."

and thus ... clafoutis a la mirie. though i made the pancake batter from scratch and added 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder to it as well as a good dollop of cinnamon and also poured honey and brown sugar in the bottom of the ramekin before i added the peaches.

later ... mir sez i did upside down clafoutis. oh well thats the way the clafoutis lands i guess.


Harper Beresford said...

Nummy.. Both of you!

Harper Beresford said...

Nummy.. Both of you!

DJ Sexy Geek! said...

And Mir sez, "Upside down clafoutis? Rock on!"