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as some of you that follow this blog or know me know, i have been growing pears inside bottles this spring and summer. i chose small glass pop bottles because i liked the shape and wired them on to my tree after the pears started fruiting. it ended up i only had a short window of time. i was going to do a second batch but by the time i got out there 2 days later, the pears no longer fit down the bottle necks.

a little careful nursing to make sure rain didnt fill the bottles and rot the pears, and three months later here we are.

after cleaning and rinsing the bottles inside and out, i poured cognac in them. they will be sealed with rubber corks and wax and i will send them off as christmas presents probably. or maybe a blog prize. but stay tuned for that.


trouthead said...

so gorgeously decadent... and inspired.

Anonymous said...

So happy to see this worked out! Looks awesome!