river tray

this is the 200th post for my blog. no special noting there, just like those round numbers.

i picked up a piece of chechen at my wood store recently because i couldn't resist its nickname - black poison wood. it had a very vivid grain and 3 aesthetically well placed knots which i drilled to metaphorically be stones in a stream of wood grain. birch dowels acting as legs on the ends carry the metaphor as reeds. this tray will be for sale at the pittburgh crafts n'at faire on september 5th at the union project (10-6) over in highland park on n. negley. stop by and see me and a lot of other talented people.

i think if i were to do this again i would make the dowels longer but i am happy with it over all. it makes for a nice tea tray, i will sell it with the teapot and a tea cup or two.

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