encrypting arcadia

finished just today, i am pleased to present my latest handmade book - "encrypting arcadia"

limited edition of 5 copies, 16 pages, 11" x 11" in size, papers: arches cover for inside pages, fabriano for cover, 3 hole pamphlet stitch with hemp cording binding, center tipped in illustration is 11" x 30", folded in 3rds and done with oil pastel, pencil and house paint on fabriano paper.

this handmade artist book is a chapbook featuring my own poetry as well as illustration and a limited number of copies are for sale at my publishing website - aanpress.com.

for this edition i produced 5 original illustrations which are, at the same time, copies of each other. i have not decided yet if i have any ideas regarding this question of 5 original copies, since each is its own original work but also a copy. there are certain elements i like in each of the 5 and i am finding improvements in my style with each new project

the fabriano paper is wonderful to work with as well, both as an art medium and for ink jet printing with my high quality hp printer.

because of the intimacy of the poetry, i wanted the text to whisper on the page which is why its printed in a very light gray and with a very tight leading. font is adobe jenson, for those with a need to know.

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