all poetry has wolves in it

this book is influenced by several concurrent trains of thought running through my brain lately... the reading of a monograph on martin puryear and essay discussions on his ideas of craft and art, the song monsalvato by the group Irfan, science illustrations remembered from my elementary school years, and my recent work making abstract images of peonies. the title of the book - all poetry has wolves in it - is from a poem i wrote a number of years ago. the title is actually written under the oil pastel images as a sort of palimpsest. materials include oil pastel, house paint, pencil and cherry wood blocks for the covers. 11" x 30" when unfolded.

click on images for larger versions

front cover and half unfolded concertina

unfolded concertina

detail of illustrations

top view

the book was a one day project. have to work as the muse reckons.

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Doug Sanders said...

Hey- can you give me the citation for the Puryear book?