tonight's dessert - nectarine/apple tart

i bought some under-ripe nectarines yesterday and decided to roast them for this tart. you definitely want to use under-ripe fruit to roast so it retains its firmness when done.

roasted nectarine, apple and gingersnap tart

filling (step 1):
3-4 nectarines
1tbl chopped ginger
1/4c sugar (i have a jar of sugar infused with a few leaves of lemon verbena)

cut nectarines into wedges, toss with grated ginger and sugar and roast in a 450degF oven for about 30-40 minutes or until nectarines are tender and caramelized (this will depend on their lack of ripeness).

crust (step 2):
1 and 1/2c crushed gingersnaps (should be a sand-like consistency) or graham crackers (this will be enough for a 9" pan)
1/3c melted butter
1/4c sugar

mix ingredients and smooth into an even crust in a tart pan or pie plate (using the bottom of a coffee cup will help ensure an even crust layer).

bake blind at 350degF for 10 minutes then let cool.

filling (step 3):
2 granny smith apples
2tbl butter
1/4c sugar

core 2 granny smith apples and slice very thin. arrange on top of crust in a desired pattern (or just throw them in in an even layer if you are feeling more peasant-ish) and the cover with roasted nectarines. sprinkle sugar over top of everything and place small slices of butter evenly over the apples.

bake at 350degF for 15-20 or until apples are tender.

when the tart has cooled, glaze with 1/4c apricot jam that has been warmed on the stove until it is liquid.

serves 4-8 depending on tart wedge size.

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