in the midst of great secrets - artist book

My latest artist book takes more the form of an object, but i would technically say its a scroll since you only view a portion of the text at a time. the quote (shown below) comes from the book aminadab by maurice blanchot, one of my favorite french authors, and builds on some ideas of memory, history and viewing i am currently exploring in my work (see the silent grove book i recently completed).

this object is 32" long and a little under 3" wide. the block on the top has an embedded lens in it and you slide it down the track to view the text in a magnified and distorted way. materials are reclaimed pine, cherry, brass screws and some found objects. the text is printed in one continuous 30" line.

in designing this object i felt a certain scientific romance feel was called for, as if it were an antique museum piece.

the quote:
"Of course, since you have allowed many memories to become indistinct, for me it is as if thousands of miles separated us. I can hardly make you out. It is difficult for me to imagine that one day I will know who you are. But soon we will be united for good. I will lie down and take you in my arms. I will roll with you in the midst of great secrets. We will lose ourselves, and find ourselves again. Nothing will come between us anymore. How unfortunate that you will not be present for this happiness!" - Maurice Blanchot


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I absolutely love this!!!!

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thanks anonymous :)

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I really want to reach in there and turn the handle.

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