win some jam mmmmm

as promised you can win this jar of strawberry preserves (it's ever so good) fresh from my garden. all organic strawberries and sugar.

the contest is open until saturday, june 26th. all you have to do is post a comment with a favorite jam memory and i will randomly draw a winner from those who post.

good luck


Laura Serecin said...

mom and i used to bake vanilla cake..and instead of icing, we'd use strawberry jam and coconut. it was called a "jimm-jamm". lol!

Gracie Kendal said...

I always remember visiting my Grandma's house with my Dad. They loved Knott's Jellies and Jams, directly from Knott's Berry Farm. We used to sit around the table shooting the breeze, with a little jelly dish out with 5 or 6 different flavors and a variety of breads and crackers. It was always a very warm, comforting time. I miss that :)

Amase Levasseur said...

My favorite jam memory will be today's 5-year old Sully moment. After the peanut butter and grape jam (well, let's suppose it was jam instead of jelly) sandwich he had on "yum baloney sandwich bread," he licked the side of his mouth and said "oh that still tastes really good."