after dinner ... dessert of course

after dinner, after phipps, i wanted some dessert. what we had at the restaurant to choose from was not very appealing (dinner was good though esp. my seaweed salad).

so, because my dinner companion is an excellent cook, and we were talking a lot about cooking....

back at home i made some biscuit mix, preheated the oven, sautéed some organic farm plums i bought in some butter and ginger infused honey just til they started to soften and popped them in the oven for 15 minutes on the biscuit mix and this came out. some ginger mint was added for drama


and i have 7 more just like it to enjoy and/or freeze for days to come

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a. said...

oooh, roasted plums are so wonderful. This almost looks too pretty too eat. Almost... :)