boardgame - arkham express

i've never read any stories of HP Lovecraft, though i know he is quite popular in some circles i travel in virtually.

this is a design re-working of Arkham Express, which in turn was a condensation of the boardgame Arkham Horror, based on Lovecraft's writing. as with many PnP (print and play) games i am attracted to the option of solo play. my design uses a hodgepodge of source material but i wanted something with an "elder god" feel to it, a bit spooky, a bit early 1900's. the game plays pretty well as a solo effort. i'll try it out with a few more people when i get a chance.

3 player game in progress, showing all components

for the dice i wanted to stick with circular or square icons, color coded for easy readability, the green sanity questioning brain side is for monster summoning, yellow X for combat, black triangle for movement, white cross for health and the question mark for searching. i may design some closed gate icons for fun as well as a cthulhu token for the big game-winning battle.

board layout showing gate areas and things to do while in town (besides investigating and monster killing). shopping for guns and magic arcana being high up on the fodor's guide of attractions.

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