the ruined queen of harvest world

'the ruined queen' by damien broderick is finished. folded - 7.5" x 10", fabriano paper with mahogany covers and 2 tipped in plates done with oil pastel and pencil on fabriano paper. unfolded about 36 feet in length. font choice: centaur.

really happy with this book, it has taken a while to understand just what the story wanted to be in book form. all of the characters in the book have a different color associated with them, which is a little design nicety i've wanted to do for some time now. see one of my earlier posts for a link to read the story (well recommended!). onto the images (as always clock on any image for a much larger view):

front cover: the dynamic woodgrain and patterning suggesting 3/4cloth on board turned out well

half title/title/artwork page spread

first text pages

text end and artwork spread

semi-unfolded view of entire book and artwork

closeup of page spread showing character colors

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skotkacy said...

That looks amazing! How long did it take to make?