tonight's dinner - celeriac pear mashed potatoes

celeriac is an interesting root vegetable. bit of a cross between celery and parsley in taste and is one i should use more in the fall and winter. it takes a bit of peeling and chopping to get down to the useable root part but it worth adding to your vegetable selections. i've often made scalloped potatoes using it, interlacing the potato layers with celeriac. combined with the above ingredients it inspired me to try this recipe tonight.

and i must say it turned out well. if i were to do the recipe again i'd use riper pears (you know how grocery stores are with a pear selection on short notice). it came out slightly sweeter than regular mashed potatoes with some good other tastes in there.

and what did i have it with. pork chops with a garlic honey maple glaze of course.

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Post-Modern Sex Geek said...

Can I come have dinner at your house??? :D