village of the jammed

so cookworm and i got together yesterday for a session of culinary jamiosity (yes its a word, truly). and i took photos along the way.

the plum/rosemary is being stirred for the stove

reading clockwise: strawberry + aged balsamic vinegar, strawberry, crystallized ginger and lemon, plum/rosemary, port wine plum

we were able, luckily, to time batches so we could can each in turn

a last minute late addition - peach, vanilla bean and maple syrup (peach peels in the cheesecloth to pull every ounce of flavor out of them)

the finished product. 27 jars of 5 different kinds, divided amongst ourselves, and destined for us and friends. excuse me while i go eat some right now

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cookworm said...

we simply must do it again soon :)