in the air

those of you who know me have said i am quite modest about what i do artist book/woodworking-wise. which is true. i like to let my work stand on its own and i take praise quietly (some would say i take it deflectingly).

i wanted to share a few recent links to my work which are making their way out into the wider world these days.

Handmade in PA has an entry on wooden kitchen utensils made in Pennsylvania. my work is the first photo shown.

this Paris based artist posted an entry about one of my more abstract artist books; though she thinks i am a femme rather than a homme.

and lastly one of the very kind commenter over on BGG has posted a photo of their PnP version of my game Aether Captains. this is exciting to me because i've not seen photos ever of any of the game design work i do in other people's hands.

so thank you all for recognizing some of my recent work.

i am planning some big things for next year including a monograph of my artist books over the last 20 years and some possible gallery showings around the city. stay tuned.

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