PCC intro to woodworking class

we had 5 students for today's woodworking class (first time men outnumbered the women). everyone seemed to have a good time and learned a bit about woodworking. we used the drill press, bench sander, router and a variety of hand tools to make cheese/bread boards (i also spoke about the tools to have in your own woodshop and showed how a planer and a jointer work). the boards were then sanded and finished with a food safe butcher block oil/beeswax combination.

at the bottom are some finished projects by the students. and a big big thank you to everyone who came. i really like teaching very much.

look for more classes soon: subscribe through the newsletter or visit the class listing on the web site.

and one note: i've had some requests to hold a table construction class (this will probably be limited to 2-3 students) as well as a small wooden pendant class (this one i am going to expand into: make a wooden pendant, wooden bone fold, hair clasp or kitchen utensil pot stirrer). these will be posted shortly to the PCC site so check back often.

(update: two of my students who are newlyweds have a blog about their first year. this is their post on being in the class. very very jealous of their photos, i need a camera like that)

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