recent game designs

some recent dice designs i have been working on in my spare time

this first image is for the game Epidemic Express, a solo express version of Pandemic and a heck of a lot of fun. i volunteered my services to the game designer because i found the game a lot of fun to play. he wants me to do a scoretrack as well rather than custom dice, so that's next on the agenda.

basically there are 5 epidemics you have to cure (swine flu, ebola virus, malaria, avian flu/SARS and bacterial pneumonia, with my own zombieism alternate thrown in). you lose if any one gets out of hand or the world panic level rises to extremes. there is also a medical role die allowing for some roll modifications. i have not managed yet to beat the game, though i've come close. damn super zombie malaria plague.

i've also started work on a dice game based on some ideas floating around in my head from other games. this will be a solo zeppelin steampunk style dice game (follow the discussion thread) where you have a zeppelin, 6 dice long, and are battling 6 random air pirates. the game viewpoint is top down to the battle.

the 6 dice for your zeppelin will rotate through 4 hit point/damage levels. individual ship sections control attack (with gun range across neighboring dice), defense (crew fortitude) and motive power and the harrier air pirates will have skills in one of those three areas as well.

as your zeppelin sections take on damage you will rotate the dice face down reducing capability (ex. Chunky Fighters) of armament, power to maneuver or crew/captain fortitude.

air pirate dice have various types of ships on each die face, allowing for 36 possible types of ships on the 6 dice. these dice will be rolled for their random attack profile.

all defense and attacks will use 12 sided dice. initial placement (ex. Space Hulk Death Angel genestealer placement) is based on the 12 possible side face placements around the 6 zeppelin dice. in the image example this can mean multiple ships attacking a section off port or starboard.

one captain die, with 6 possible captains act as as a bonus modifier die for the game.

i could see easy expandability to the main zeppelin as well as 2 player possibilities (ex. Wings of War)

the game is over when you defeat all 6 attacking air pirates. you lose if more than half of your ship is holed/destroyed.

the above image is a digital version right now as i work out mechanics/roles etc...

UPDATE: the discussion thread listed above now contains the rules and updated artwork as well as a lot of fun and silly comments.

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