tonight's dessert - cornmeal, lemon, pepper cookies

i was recently out with cookworm for a sunday brunch and afterwards we stopped by a bookstore to peruse the culinary aisle. i came away with the book Luscious Lemon Desserts by Lori Longbotham, and decided my first recipe out of it would be these cookies. you can find the recipe online over here.

ingredients included the following:

and the result is:

and the review - 3.5 whisks out of 5 (whisks seem an ok valuation scale yes?). i think next time i will add some lemon extract or perhaps drizzle a lemony/sugar glaze over them.

i was expecting more of a WOW that is sure some LEMON in those cookies kind of thing due to the name of the cookbook from whence they came. definitely a make again and fiddle with next time recipe.

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