boardgame - compass and empire

turning back to some other matters... Compass and Empire is a game i worked on over the holiday as part of my Aether Captains game designs. the backstory: this is the sort of game they play on those late night watches in the zeppelin boiler rooms between attack by merciless air pirates and their revenant armies.

it's actually based on an ancient roman dice game called Jactus. imagery for my artwork comes from a set of playing cards from 1701 owned by the New York Public Library.

i added a bonus role die to modify dice rolls and color it a bit more for my Aether Captains world. Our glorious Emperor, ruler of the Great Compact, is rumoured to have his own set carved from narwhal horn.

you can find the directions and downloadable artwork over here.

in the mix still is a more serious 2 person game in the Aether Captains world. it will be a game similar to Tablut and will take place inside once section of a zeppelin being boarded. and i am toying with an aztec blood sacrifice solo dice game where you play a priest charged with collecting sacrificial hearts to stop the extinguishing of the sun.

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