tonight's dinner - bento box japan

last sunday i was musing over something special for dinner with some second life friends. one mentioned bento box meals and i went ah-ha over that idea. so with a quick trip to the japanese grocery over in shadyside, i was in business. i do not yet own a true bento box but luckily i do have a large collection of tiny pottery items and they made dinner a special event. i definitely would like to do this meal again as a dinner party idea with my dining room table full of small bowls and plates.

roughly clockwise from the upper left: blue fin tuna, fried fish cake with vegetables, pickled daikon, enoki japanese mushrooms, pickled burdock root, fried fish balls, seaweed salad, pickled ginger and in the center, some slices of tamago. repeat blog readers may also recognize one of my walnut cheeseboards with a handle being used in this photo as well.

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Amase Levasseur said...

oh oh oh love it and so much better than my Jenny Craig meal tonight!