boardgame - nahua

one of the other games i am currently percolating is this dice game involving aztec blood sacrifices. as head priest, you'll have a series of dice and 20 turns (sacred aztec sun related number) to make certain throws, while balancing peasants, corn for food, and sacrifices, to enable a certain number of 'hearts' to be collected to appease the god of the sun.

extra dice can be gained (a la Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age and Nile: The Dice Game) providing warriors and captured slaves that can be used for sacrifices.

there is also a god die which will function similar to a role die in Agricola Express for dice benefits. each god affects a different part of the game

i am not sure if there will be some sort of scoresheet similar to agricola express and RTTA or something simpler tracking corn, peasants and hearts

all graphics are period aztec artwork (except for the heart which i borrowed from a medical font)

things i am looking to expand on:

you'll get more dice as the game progresses but you'll have to balance food production with people or they will start dying
you cannot sacrifice too many peasants early on or there will be no one to grow corn
it will be a solitaire or 2 person game
not sure if in addition to the god die there will be some other die similar to the agricola upgrade die
probably no more than 10 dice maximum, of which you start with 3 or 4
would rather not make the game yahtzee/poker hand style.

follow the development thread here.

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