win some cyser

for those who have been following my experiments with cyser bear with me for a second while i get new people up to speed then we'll talk about the contest.

cyser is mead (a fermented mix of honey and water and probably the first known fermented beverage) that uses apple cider instead of water and the natural yeast found on the apples themselves to provide the fermenting power. the apples used to make the cider are from the tree in my garden, quite organically grown and hand squoozed, and the honey is local and organic as well.

now the contest:

four lucky people can each win a bottle of cyser along with a handmade wooden cherry cup great for drinking it with (as seen in the above photo)

the fine print rules: you must be over 21 because this is alcohol.

the how to enter part: because it is this time of the year and 'good' seems in woefully short supply lately, especially with the TSA doing their part, i've decided to award the first four people to do something good in the world and post it in comments section each with a bottle and a wooden cup. simply be one of the first four to go out and do something good and then come back here and tell us about it. even if you are not one of the first four, doing something good is a fine idea anyway and you can also share with us.

that's it. be one of the first four and i'll contact you by email to get your shipping address and such.


Guru said...

I helped a lady change a flat tire tonight on my way home.

todd said...

oh our first winner! thanks for doing some good in the world

Lynne said...

I spent some time with two 91 year old women who have recently transitioned to having in-home care and assistance. To help them with their transition and comunication with the caregivers, I created a ten page 'personal preference' manual for them. They were thrilled that they don't have to continually repeat their preferences and that it contributes to their independence.

todd said...

thanks lynne. a bottle and cup will be on their way to you on wednesday. and we have some more good in the world.