end of the year artwork

new year's eve was quiet for me, as they usually are now. i decided to spend the waning hours working on some new large format drawings (22" x 30" which is, so far, my idea of large format). i've been working for some time now with these colored blocks, adding layers of color on top of each other and experimenting with density and translucency in oil pastel. this time i wanted to explore quilting smaller blocks of color with merged colors on top, blurring their sectional space.

two of these drawings i am pleased with.

they are all a bit more luminous in reality, more than the photos would suggest. looking to frame a couple of them for my upcoming exhibition in may.

and apologies on photo quality. i really am coming down to needing a proper large wall with good lighting for my photographs.

and also a note on titles: titles are roman a clefs. if you ask, i may share the meaning behind them.

Florence 31

At The End Of Days

I Betray My Armies


Water Is My Eye


linwood avenue said...

i really like florence!

todd said...

florence 31 is one of my two most favorite ones as well. comes closest to what i wanted to do.

Darlene said...

water is my eye is my favorite!