boardgame - new world colony

i've been working on some ideas following a thread over on the boardgame site about creating games that can be played by one or more people when standing in line. we've been discussing, especially in the PnP community, why there are so few games of this type.

so i last night started thinking about a civilization building/trading resource game you could hold in one hand and play in 5 or 10 minutes. a card is created with paperclips slid on it to track various resources in the game. other cards have 3 holes punched in them revealing numbers in the next card down to resolve actions. i've built a prototype tonight though i still need to find my 1/4" hole punch to finish the cards. then i can give it a try.

this game would not be possible without my finding a great source for copyright free 15thC woodcut images. they really tied the game together visually.

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