a couple, who bought a table of mine at Arbor Aid, contacted me last month about building them a large diningroom table. i am re-using an old factory table of theirs for this, splitting off the individual boards, replaning them and trimming them down to size. the table was frightfully heavy and i barely got it in my house. i discovered one reason for this was the table had been constructed with four 2 foot wide interior bolts and was in fact 3" thick solid cherry.

below is the result of 6 hours work - filling the holes with dowel plugs, splitting, planing and trimming all the boards. i've evenly distributed the boards to either side of a 5" wide section of cherry which will run down the middle as a spine to the table.

next up gluing everything together. i'll be using walnut as a contrasting wood to create breadboard ends for the table. after this project is done i'll build them 2 matching benches.

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Kurthl33t said...

Gorgeous color. I love cherry wood.