well SMMSF.b.com has certainly been a tea related blog-stravaganza lately hasn't it?

today the long promised day arrived, as i had some time on my hands finally to concentrate on a batch of Earl Gray Tea ice cream, which i had been wanting to make all week.

the recipe comes from this blog - http://macandcheesereview.blogspot.com/2008/06/earl-grey-ice-cream.html

it is a standard custard style ice cream infused with 5 Earl Gray Tea bags which infused over a period of an hour. i decided to pair it with some pomegranate molasses i bought a few moths ago at one of our middle eastern grocery stores.

and the result: very good

the tea flavor is subtle but there - smoky and sweet and floral - and it offsets nicely with the tarter pomegranate syrup. the tea flavor lingers as more of an aftertaste.

i've made enough to last a few days so you might find me with a spoon in hand if you see me any time soon.

what would i do differently next time? when heating the milk, half and half, and sugar i will put the tea into steep then, rather than waiting until the mixture was pulled off the stove. that should pull out more of tea flavor.

on to the next adventure culinary or otherwise

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