time for another contest

i received in the mail today copies of the cards for my Land of Enin game

these cards are oversized and the colors are just stunning on them. so of course i have to give away a copy of the game (along with the dice and all the wooden bits you need to play)!

to win The Land of Enin (disclaimer: this game is an solo, unabashed dice fest. the luck of the roll wins the day! so be warned) you must:

first, steal a key from the town elders,
and sweet talk a watchword from an old witch woman,
then rescue a maiden from a goblin tower,
then return her to her royal father
who will give you a magic lodestone
to find your way through the Tombs of Neuve and
search for the Lost Book
and win you your kingdom!
all while battling monsters a'plenty, finding treasure and
magic items and generally questing about!

so here are the contest rules:

you must provide a photo (linked from somewhere) or at least some sort of textual tale (the most fairy tale-ish/over the top mythic the better) in the comments section of this post showing/describing you actually doing one of the quest actions as listed above.

i'll run the contest until april 15th (a fine day for someone to win something) and randomly pick a winner from those who entered on that day.

the prize:

as shown above - the 12 oversized cards for the game, all the wooden bits, an adventure meeple and 1 six sided and 1 ten sided dice in a matching color (probably blue) - all packed in some sort of packaging to be determined once i determine it at the craft store tomorrow.

if you've won one of my contests before, so what, just shows you are lucky. you can enter this one too.


Steve said...

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=359109754127925&set=a.107854695920100.4715.100000867098824&type=1&ref=nf I managed to grab a picture of the hidden path to the witches forest hideout, I didn't stay long as once the suns power burnt away the mists I had to head off to the goblin tower.

todd said...

facebook gives me an error for that :( can you tiny.url it?

Guru said...

It was probably linked from someone who has their pictures set to "friends only"

Guru said...

If that's the case, even a tinyurl won't work. he'll need to find a copy of the picture someone else on the net to post a link to.

Scott said...

Here's a picture for this fantastic adventure! (I hope it's acceptable)
The Elders Key
here's the story that goes with it:
"He really wanted to whistle as he slunk into the secret chamber below the elders decadent halls, but he was clever enough to know the importance of stealth here.

He just felt it. The pulse of adventure... and it was kind enough to have settled in his swelling chest.

He swept aside the horded trinkets and age delaying tonics of the cities withered council.

How he knew the key was here was a mystery he could not calm himself enough to care for, but as he lifted the wooden boxes lid, the black keys ornate pattern sat exactly as he'd pictured it... and it looked up at him promisingly.

His fingers buzzed and paused a breath away from the objects form, a moment from the realization of his strange and wonderful dreams, from the joy that flows form the start of a story.

This was where his town would start to wake.
This is where the chocking pall of the decrepit would start to unravel.
This is where an adventure would begin to unlock hope.

And then, the adventurer, the key and the era of stasis were all no longer here."

todd said...

wonderful image and story! thanks for entering scott

Steve said...

Finally got the pic in a place where it can be viewed. I think the witch had placed an enchantment over the whole area and that was causing the problems with the picture of the secret path.http://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/1280998/scalper