Land of Enin winners

Well I ended up with only 2 contest entries so guess what, Steve and Scott, you both win a copy of the game. I'll email you both on BGG for your addresses. Congratulations!


Scott said...

Thank you so much Todd!
Your work is magnificent!

Scott said...

...Wait, this is wrong, i can't just admire your work then take it for free!

I have now hurriedly ordered a handful of your other games from your Artscow links on BGG, (Shadows Upon Lassadar, Aether Captains: The Search, Aether Captains: Triad)

Thanks for being great and Viva la indygames! :D

Steve said...

Thats awesome Todd. Glad you were able to see the photo in the end, and your generosity is amazing - kudos to you.

todd said...

steve, thanks for writing. get in touch with me on BGG for your address so i can send your copy out