tonight's dinner - poutine

at one point in my life i spent some time off and on in Canada, most specifically in Quebec. those who know me know i retain few good memories of that time, but one thing i do remember fondly is poutine, that wonderful mix of french fries, deep bold beef gravy and farmer's cheese.

this is my 'slightly' healthier take on it

the french fries were baked, not fried in oil
(i used some colorful french purple potatoes from the east end co-op, cut into thin wedges, paper toweled dry and then tossed with olive oil and salt and pepper and baked at 450degF for 30 minutes)

and topped with a hearty beef stew using grass fed beef, a mirepoix vegetable base (onions, carrots, celery along with garlic and mushrooms to bring out some extra umami) and a good organic beef stock just to cover, which was simmered for an hour

and topped with our local version of the quintessential 'squeaky' cheese, namely that from Arsenal Cheese, our newest local cheese producer.

will i make it again? most definitely