do not hurry do not rest

busy day around here as they can often be. woodworking, gardening, baking, more woodworking and here are some of the end results

this is a black sesame seed pear cake. i've been wanting to try this for some time now and after a trip this week to the indian grocery store for a big bag of black sesame seeds, i finally made it. it takes 1/2 cups of seeds that you grind into a smoky gray colored paste which then colors the cake as well. it is a very light, airy cake and rises nicely in the oven. definitely to be made again. does not have a heavy sesame taste either. very fruity, especially since i added extra pear.

and these are some photos of the first piece of furniture i'll be putting in this year's Arbor Aid fundraiser. it is a coffee table completely made out of scraps i had in the woodshop from previous projects. and i think it turned out rather dandy. i am making some benches as well for Arbor Aid. be sure to come to the fundraiser in the fall to see them in person and buy one or two if your home needs something new and handmade. as always nothing is stained or colored here. these are the actual colors of the wood types.

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linwood avenue said...

woohoo - now that's a table!!!!! I love it