shawl pins

i've been messing around this week with shawl pins. i do not have a lathe, so these have a rougher handmade feel to them.

any knitters out there think these will work?

the big one is 8" long, the rest are around 6 inches.

i think they need the hooks on the end but i could be wrong.


Anonymous said...

I knit, but not shawls. So I went & looked at shawl pins on etsy & most of them were basically sticks with some ornamentation on one end. Are you planning to make rings too?

I think these look lovely.


Amase Levasseur said...

I knit. I also use shawl pins on my longer scarves and on hat brims. These are all the nicer for you having made them. I agree that either a hook or a ring would be good to have. After all, we wouldn't like to lose something so valuable.