being a woodworker means you generate a lot of small scraps. since i am all for reclaiming and recycling a such an important material in our natural world i've been trying to find a use for the odd bits that sit in my big box of such things. i use a lot of sustainable exotic wood in my projects so i have some pretty nice cutoffs waiting inspiration.

and recently, due to making a birthday gift for a friend, said inspiration struck.

these chunky faceted beads are about 1" to a side and are all natural (no stains, dyes or coloring of any sort). i've been having a great time sanding the facets and creating something that feels organic, yet hand created and very modern. the beads are finished with a combination of mineral oil and beeswax and then tumbled in a large bag of glass marbles for about 30 minutes. this burnishes them nicely and knocks off any sharp edges in the process.

currently they are for sale down at Wildcard in Lawrenceville. the will also be for sale at November 10th's Arbor Aid fundraiser for the Tree Pittsburgh organization.

hoping to have 400 or so in a wide varieties of wood types at the fundrasier.

for those who are curious about the above the image, the smoky black and white ones are made out of horse chestnut, a most ubiquitous of trees. you never know what beauty may be hiding under bark