the final birthday present i received back in september was a class of my choice at the pittsburgh glass. working with glass is one of those craft skills i've always wanted to try out.
 looking over the list of classes offered i soon settled on the paperweight class 
which finally happened last sunday.

there were 4 of us so we each had time to make 2 paperweights. 
the instructor pulled the molten glass from the furnace but we did the rest of the work, adding colors, reheating the glass, twisting and shaping it, and constantly keeping its molten state (2000degF) moving.

it was a little like working with caramel, a little like clay and a lot of hot.

i was able, in the course of the first, to see some of the possibilities offered and the second one improved greatly.

they needed two days to cool in the annealing furnace but here they are

the orange one will sit on my desk weighing down all the unread game rulebook printouts i have sitting there. the green one goes to someone who deserves it.

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mommo said...

gorgeous!! well done!!