i seem to have developed a burgeoning collection of tarot card decks. i am, in fact, collaborating on a deck of Raven cards as part of a film project (and more on that soon. we've been adding levels of metasymbolism to the cards and are almost done with the finished deck design)

anyways i needed a box to store them in and built one yesterday. i used up the rest of my supply of 100 yr old cherry, mostly because of the live edge (as seen on the inside of the box lid) 
it somehow seemed a fitting use for it.

plenty of room as well for some other decks i have my eye on

from a graphic design standpoint i've become fascinated by the tarot deck for its iconic language and how those major/minor suit icons are changed/altered by different designers.

this wood has some gorgeous figuration to it

i may add a leather strap inside to hold the box lid open at a 90deg angle

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