Express Games

one fun thing to do to sharpen your game design skills is to design an Express/In a Tin version of a game. where you take a much loved and well played large game (often with a sprawling set of components) and squeeze it down to basically the size of a deck of cards, usually with a lot of dice.

the reasoning behind this is one of taking part an existing game to see how it works and then putting it back together in a smaller form, distilling it down to a bare bones essence

in this case 7 hours of intensive game design last weekend led me to create an express version of the game 7 Wonders. mine is called Space Marvels 6 Express and has a science fiction theme with a number of nods to some of my favorite authors and their books

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Igor Mascarenhas said...

Hello Todd, this is one of my favorites of your stuff. My build are ready to play and will put on table soon. As we play i'll shot some pictures and write some words on my blog. Also should say that you convince me play 7Wonders through your game.
Thanks for SM6e