Finishing Wizards

With some time on my hands I am finishing up crafting some game projects I've done re-designing on. This is Wizards, a venerable game from the early 80s with a positive theme of magical quests. It combines aspects of RPGs, wargames and boardgames.

Now to finally play it.


Scott said...

I hope it brings you as much joy in playing, as it brings to my eyes in merely seeing! :D

Beautiful work!

todd said...

thank you. took a long time to finally craft everything

Igor Mascarenhas said...

Thanks and congrats for all your work on this game. Read rules and started craft. Have already print everything. Left just task cards, ocean and terran tiles to be done. About rules and mechanics I'd like to ask if you fell something that remember Mage Knight or it's just my addiction to MK that makes me think like that