works in progress

I will be part of a 2-artist show at Gallerie Chiz in June. The theme is 'passion'. Here are the current works in progress (4 of 7 books/objects) (click on images for a larger view)

"Binding Energy" - Lise Meitner

"Pickering's Women" - Williamina Fleming and Annie Jump Cannon

"The Complexities of Pitchblende" - Marie Curie

"Unfoldment" - Hypatia of Alexandria

All of the books are about women scientists who made significant contributions to the knowledge of the world and were often overlooked, shunned or uncredited by their male counterparts/collaborators

The other three works will be about Rosalind Franklin, Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin and EnHedu'anna

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randie snow said...

wow... you're work just keeps getting better and better!