work in progress 3

book no. 5 is now complete. it is entitled - "Photo 51 or A Hand We Are Dealt"

this book is on rosalind franklin who discovered DNA is in a double helix pattern due to her famous "photo 51". watson and crick appropriated her photo and research and got the nobel prize instead of her.

this book has some details not readily apparent

it is a deck of 51 cards representing 'photo 51'

there are 4 sets of 11 cards each of the A, T, G, C elements that make up DNA

making 2 sets of 22 cards pairs which represent 22 of the 23 human chromosomes
the 23rd pair are the sex chromosomes represented by the XX and XY cards

there is a lens embedded in the front cover of the book structure which allows the cover to act as a camera of sorts representing her x-ray crystallography work

when the deck of cards is enclosed in the wooden cover, it aligns so you can see '51' through the lens

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randie snow said...

i love the binding that you created for this piece! very well thought-out and executed!