5 conceptual gardens : 5 days : 2/3

i finished last night's book too late to photograph it properly. 
so today i have a double post of conceptual garden books 2 and 3
(click on the images for a zoomed view)

book 2 is titled "Two Gardens"
(envelopes, thread, ribbon, labels, plant matter 4" x 9" x 9")

is a do-si-do accordion bound envelope book that snapshots the June 19th archive 
of my garden and claire's

each catalog holds 10 items from our respective gardens. mine is mostly flowers, hers is mostly edible plants (which i found to be an interesting dichotomy).

[hers - sage, blackberry, tarragon, fig, soil, spearmint, strawberry, wormwood, 
chinese lantern and parsley]
[mine - rose, hydrangea, grass, lemon verbena, peony, stones, soil, cilantro, 
chives, butterfly bush]

each envelope is labeled with the plant material, the date and 
the latitude and longitude of our respective gardens.

book 3 is titled "Nihon Teien"
(leather, thread, oak, soil)

this is a palm leaf or slat format book with an attached leather wrap.

the book is a very abstracted japanese garden. each of the oak slats contains the japanese name of a common plant found in these gardens

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