object: where i end and you begin

you never know when your aesthetic muse is going to tap on your shoulder and tell you to pay attention. i was walking home from the bus today and saw a branch on the ground. it was an old piece of wood, rotted and split open, bug damage, water damage, dirt but it had the most pleasing curve to it and i walked past it and then stopped and went back for it. the branch was the perfect size for a handle for a tool, for a sculptural object.

home and down to the workshop and a couple of hours later i have this object titled "Where I End And You Begin". the walnut blade of the sword is attached to the branch with dowels and then wrapped in hemp cord. the bark on the end of the branch is curling away from the wood and i gold leafed the inside of it.

unfortunately it is a rather gray day and these photos are not as sharp as i'd like them to be.

materials: found branch, walnut, hemp cord, gold leaf - approx 24" x 2"

click on the photo for a larger view


Scott said...

What a lovely object!
No one who is truly young at heart can walk past a branch with the potential to be the imaginations greatest sword and not feel compelled to hold it for at least a moment. :)

todd said...

could not have said it better