Irish Games

been a while since i posted something on the blog hasn't it. never much fun doing food posts in the winter because i cannot get good lighting for photos so i spend my time doing other things.

one of which is entering game contests. these are some photos for a 2 player card driven wargame (CDG) i am working on for an entry. this game is a little different in that as a wargame it has no hex map, no counters and uses no dice. oh and ... one player only has one warrior and the other side a whole army (well 6 warriors just to keep things simple). oh double and .... it uses a nomograph instead of look up tables for combat

i've based it on the Táin Bó Cúailnge myth from Ireland. In the story Cuchulain fights alone against the army of Queen Medb while his fellow Ulstermen are under an enchantment.

really pleased with how it is turning out. next up in the development is playtesting and rules writing

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