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i made this recipe tonight for dessert for someone special. it was indeed a cake commensurate with her unique specialness. if you have someone special or are your own special someone, i suggest you get baking. the her in question had two servings as did i.

light, fragrant and has a nice crumb (as they say, those experts in cakery). the addition of the golden raisin syrup is very important and it is where i diverged from the recipe. i used rose water instead of apple juice. it is a curious thing but roses and almonds go together extremely well, at least to my tastes.

was fun as well to finally get a chance to use my small jar of saffron.

for the conversion from metric to US measurements:

4.5 oz of flour = 3/4" cup
same for the ground almonds

6oz of sugar = 1 cup

oh and make a double recipe of the syrup. you'll need it.

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Jake said...

Looks delicious!

...I don't think I'll ever get my head around the way you guys measure things in 'cups', though!