Cosmologia Minusculus

This is the next piece for the gallery show and I think one of the finest things I have ever made. An aesthetic match of science and art.

The title is latin for "Miniature Cosmology". Each of the pieces interlocks in the box like a little puzzle and everything is securely held in place. I am still waiting for one more stone sphere to arrive but I decided not to wait to take some archival photos and do this post.

The top bracket comes out to provide a stand for the 'planets' and the lens fits into the planetary mounting piece. The grain of the mounting piece flows around the planets when they are in place. Photo do not quite do it justice (at least the ones I am able to take). Definitely something to see in person.

The box is poplar and walnut and the spheres are jasper and lapus lazuli. 

I do not usually like brass, preferring nickel finishes but it really works well for this piece


Anonymous said...

A beautiful piece.

Scott said...


randie snow said...

very impressive... can't wait to see it in person :)

Anni Matsick said...

Quite handsome! Best wishes for your show at Gallery Chiz.