The River Scrolls

Presenting another completed piece for the upcoming show. This is entitled 'The River Scrolls' and is a piece consists of three 10 foot long shibori dyed lengths of muslin with scroll rods of walnut and silver leaf. The scrolls sit in a box of checked pine along with 3 river stones covered in lichen in a separate section.

The piece is meant to be an evocative trace of rivers, whether of dream or fiction or reality.

I've not seen checked pine before and the box construction and graining/knotting patterns feel very japanese to me. the pine has been left untreated.


Scott said...

The artifacts you manufacture give me a tremendous sense of joy.
An object liberated from an obvious function is so wonderful to behold and turn in my mind, thanks for displaying these here.

todd said...

thanks. that is heartening to hear. i always hope my work resonates with others

Anni Matsick said...

Beautiful combinations, very rich.