grains to gardens

An update on a recent artwork of mine which is part of my ongoing series of measurement pieces. These all involve aspects of science, nature, curating and cataloguing and woodworking.

In ancient Mesopotamia the most basic measure of mass, as well as length, was the 'grain'. Interestingly 180 grains = 1 shekel as a mass conversion. Also of interest, 60 shekels = 1 garden (as an area conversion).

While I know I am mixing my measurement systems somewhat here, I do like the fact, in a skewed way, that 10800 grains = 1 garden.

Having been acquainted with these facts I created this....

A box is made of maple (a single scrap board in fact) with a leather cord as a strap. It is approximately 12" x 4.5" x 1.25"

The glass vials contained in it store 14 different grains:

1. Short Grain Rice
2. Basmati Rice
3. White Quinoa
4. Millet
5. Brown Rice
6. Barley
7. Buckwheat
8. White Wheat
9. Spelt
10. Flax Seed
11. Red Wheat
12. Rye
13. Red Quinoa
14. Black Rice

I am rather proud of how well the lid fits and everything else puzzle pieces in. And on to my next measurement artwork...

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darlene said...

Precision!! It's beautiful