today's harvest

i have had my eye on my peach tree for a few days now, between the heat and all the rain i was worried they would rot on the branches so this evening it was harvest time

this is a huge crop of peaches and i am not sure what i will do with them all. spent two hours cutting some for freezing, cutting others to try and dehydrate, and still others to juice for some sort of peach melomel (though i think i burnt out the motor in my piece of junk juicer so i will have to borrow one)

two hours of that and i hardly made a dent in the above amount. always tomorrow for the next round of cutting and juicing and freezing and jam making and pie baking and tart tarting .........

and yes, that is a large size laundry basket filled to the top + the bag. there are sadly still more on the tree i can't reach with my fruit picking pole. will try again tomorrow to grab some of those if i can


Anonymous said...

One thing I have been making lately is shrubs, I started with raspberries & moved on to other fruit.

The recipe is easy - 2 parts raspberries, 2 parts sugar, 1 part cider vinegar. Mix raspberries & sugar, let sit for 24 hours, strain, add vinegar.

My latest one I used some balsamic vinegar too & it added a lovely note.


todd said...

not ever heard of that. will give it a try :)